"Price brings you interest, Staging brings you offers."

Selling your home is like combining a price war with a beauty pageant! You have got to look better than you competition or they will pass you right by. Home Staging is becoming a standard service in today’s Real Estate market because it works. Home Staging is more than just “good idea” or “good TV”, Staging is an essential marketing tool that is statistically proven to help properties sell faster and for more money!

Staging Benefits the Seller

Preparing your home for the real estate market can be a very stressful time so working with a Professional Home Stager who knows exactly what needs to be done can help ease the anxiety and get things moving in the right direction quickly.

  • ADVICE…We are trained specifically to know what improvements and recommendations will help you get your home “Show Ready”. We take the guess work out of the process and formulate a realistic, practical strategy that makes sense for your unique property and particular situation.
  • HELP… If there are things that need to be done to prepare your home properly and you cannot, or do not want to do them, we can. If we can’t, we will recommend a qualified professional to help you. Our goal is to help you get your home ready as fast, effective and stress free as possible.
  • TALENT…When all the pre-staging work is done and it comes time to style the property, we have something that the average homeowner does not…a trained eye and years of experience. There is both a science and an art to styling a home properly and that is where the magic happens!
  • RESOURCES… We physically have what it takes to take your home from just “OK” to incredible. Our 2000 square foot warehouse is full of the furniture and accessories needed to create the WOW factor for your home that will get you noticed in this competitive real estate market.
  • AFFORDABILITY… Because we have our own, in house store room, we are able to offer our clients the most affordable rentals possible keeping your investment in staging low and our ability to help you effectively and efficiently, high.
  • PHOTOS…With over 90% of buyers shopping online, presenting excellent photos of your property is essential to generating buyer interest. After we stage your home, we provide professional quality photos that will shine over your competition and get the attention you need to get showings.
  • EXPOSURE… We often write articles about our staged properties with links to listing information to give you some additional internet exposure. Our blogs are seen and read by thousands of viewers nationwide and often come up first on local searches.
  • SUPPORT… We are there for you, as little or as much as you need. Your success is our success and we are dedicated to you and your project from beginning to end. We want you to get the best possible result so you can get sold and get moving and will do our best to help make that happen.


Staging Benefits the Realtor

Real Estate Agents have so much to gain by having a professional Home Stager on their team. Stagers are able to focus solely on the presentation of the home with the sellers and are specifically trained to make recommendations that will improve the salability and profit potential of the home.

  • RESULTS…94% of ASP Staged Homes sell on average in 1 month or less and HUD studies show that Staged Homes net up to 17% more profit than un-staged homes. Staging gives your sellers the best chance for a fast and profitable sale and their success is also YOUR success.
  • RECOGNITION… Having a professional stager on your team positions you as a leader in your industry who is able to offer sellers the most current techniques and strategies for selling homes effectively. Your listings will look amazing and be noticed by both your peers and potential clients.
  • MOTIVATE SELLERS… Agents are often amazed at our ability to get sellers motivated and inspired to prepare their homes for the market. Because they know that a professional stager is there to focus solely on the presentation aspect of selling, they are more inclined to listen and follow through with recommendations.
  • EDUCATION…We know this is the key to success and are happy to share our experience with you so that you can help you and your sellers get excellent results. We provide office presentations as well as one on one training sessions to teach you how to use staging to get your properties sold faster and for more money!
  • SPECIAL PROGRAMS… For our preferred Agents, we offer our PREP program. This is a free program that entitles you to special discounts on Staging and Design consultations as well as other related services and offers throughout the year for you and your clients.
  • PHOTOS… Whether the home is already on the market or a new listing, after we stage we will shoot complimentary, quality photos that we will pass on to you for use in your marketing of the property. Video tours are also available as an additional service for a fee.
  • EXPOSURE… We often write articles about our staged properties with links to listing information to give your listings some additional internet exposure. Our blogs are seen and read by thousands of viewers nationwide and often come up first on local searches.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT…Because we are working with the sellers directly, we are able to take care of many of the issues that agents typically spend their time sourcing out for the seller; Lawn care, snow plowing, plumbing and electrical issues , we can help manage some of these improvements so you don’t have to.
Staging Benefits the buyer

Buyers are busy. They do not want to waste valuable time driving around to endless properties day after day after day. Buyers want to see homes that are clean, tidy and easy to view both online and in person. They want to spend their time looking at homes that are well maintained and “stress free”!

  • MOVE IN READY…Buyers want the best home for the best price in the best condition. Staged homes are move in ready and will be more desirable than a property that “needs work”. Buyers appreciate a clean, maintained home that appeals to their senses and emotions.
  • INSPECTIONS & APPRAISALS… When a home has been prepared properly for the market it shows that the property has been well maintained and looked after. Many obvious items that may come up on an inspection or may affect an appraisal will likely have already been addressed prior to listing.
  • SAVES TIME… buyers are able to narrow their search when they are able to see “stand out” homes online. MLS photos of staged homes help them get a real sense of the property whereas photos of a poorly presented, overly cluttered home obscure what they are really trying to see…the house.
Staging creates a win, win, win for Sellers, Realtors, Buyers and Stagers too; as we love nothing more than helping others succeed!

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