What is Home Staging?

Home Staging, or Real Estate Staging, is the process of preparing a home for sale so that it appeals to the widest range of buyers possible. Staging focuses on creating a clean, clutter free, high style, and move in ready environment that highlights the positive selling features of the home, giving you a huge advantage over your competition.

Does Staging really work?

YES!  Homes that are professionally staged are proven to sell faster and for more money than comparable un-staged homes. “94% of ASP Staged Homes sell on average in 1 month or less.” and current statistics show that professionally staged homes are spending up to 78% less time on the market which means you are moving sooner and are spending less in holding costs. Check out our testimonial and Success Stories pages to learn how we have been successfully staging homes for sale in the Poconos and how we have helped countless sellers achieve incredible results in this competitive real estate market.

My house is already decorated, why do I need to stage?

Decorating expresses the homeowner’s personal taste. Staging focuses on the buyer. What you love may not be what sells in today’s market. Unlike interior decorating, Real Estate Staging is about creating appeal for a wide range of tastes and preferences and showing off the property not the décor. Home Staging is about merchandising, marketing and enhancing your property in order to maximize your profit potential.

Why can’t buyers just look past the décor and envision themselves living there?

Only 10% of buyers can visualize a home’s full potential. Cluttered, dated, unappealing or boldly colored rooms can leave a negative impression that buyers find difficult to ignore. Staging paints a picture of an engaging lifestyle that is comfortable and carefree. While most begin their home search based on logical criteria it is the emotional connection they feel in the home that ultimately drives their decision to buy.

Why should I hire a professional stager… can’t I do it myself?

Homeowners are emotionally and financially invested in their homes making it very difficult to view them objectively. Having the guidance of a trained professional who has the experience of successfully helping sellers stage their homes for sale in the Poconos will ultimately save you time and make you money. A professional real estate stager who knows the Poconos market will know how to properly assess your home and make specific recommendations that will maximize every hour and every dollar invested preventing you from making costly and time consuming mistakes. Not to mention…your home will look and show beautifully!

Why can’t my realtor just tell me what to do?

While Real Estate agents have traditionally offered advice to sellers they are not professional Home Stagers. While they may recognize the benefits of staging, a good real estate agent will have neither the time nor expertise to help you get it done properly. A professional stager works as a team with your agent and because the stager is there to focus solely on the presentation, they are able to be upfront and direct about how to prepare your home to get you top dollar.

When should I stage my home?

The best time to stage your property is before you put it on the market. Buyers and agents are always looking for new listings and you want yours to be the one to catch their eye. New Listings typically get the most interest and traffic within the first 30 days on the market. You want to maximize every showing as you only get one chance to make a first impression. If you are already on the market and your house is not attracting enough potential buyers, staging is a great way to stimulate interest in your property and get you a buyer.

My house is not getting any showings so how will staging help?

Once your property is professionally staged by our Poconos Real Estate Home Staging Company, we carefully photograph each room capturing the best features of the home and provide these to your agent for marketing. Over 95% of buyers are now searching online for their next home. Your updated photos will shine over the competitions and entice potential buyers to come see the property in person and leave with an offer on the table.

My home is not high end so why should I bother to stage?

Apostle Art Home Staging & Design believes that every property should be staged in order to fully realize the equity invested in the home. Lower priced homes can benefit from staging regardless of price as it is all about being better than YOUR competition. We offer several levels of staging to accommodate homeowner’s budgets so that everyone can take advantage of our knowledge and expertise. A typical Home Staging consultation and assessment strategy costs only $150.

Can staging help when the real estate market is so soft?

YES!  When there is an abundance of homes for sale and fewer buyers to purchase them, staging will be the key factor that differentiates your property from others. The greater the inventory, the greater the need to capture the attention of buyers as well as realtors who can show your home repeatedly. Staging is an essential marketing strategy that is proven to help you sell faster and for more money in any market.

Isn’t it better to leave rooms empty so they look larger?

NO! Vacant spaces actually appear smaller than those that are staged properly. Staging shows the purpose and scale of a room while creating a warm and inviting environment. Photos of empty rooms are uninspiring and do nothing to entice buyers to view the home in person. Professionally staged homes sell 2-3 times faster than comparable vacant homes.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for a consultation or staging?

Nothing needs to be done prior to our initial visit. Unlike buyers, Stagers can look past a person’s clutter and furnishings and certainly aren’t expecting perfection. We are there to help you get a clear action plan for preparing your home. It is better to know what the priorities are before wasting time and energy on less important projects that can prevent you from moving forward effectively.

How much does staging cost?

Pricing will vary based on the types of services needed for your particular situation. A typical Home Staging consultation and assessment strategy costs only $150. We always give our professional, yet practical, opinion of what should to be done to properly prepared the home and then prioritize a plan based on your specific needs and budget. We typically do not charge to do a Staging proposal for a vacant property. Real Estate Staging is an investment not an expense!  Statistics show that staging related improvements can yield up to 508% return on investment not to mention the savings in holding cost by spending less time on the market.


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