No matter what your style or budget we can help your space become organized, comfortable and beautiful. From one room to your entire house we will guide you on the key elements needed to create the look you desire. Good design is not an accident but a skill. We are extremely creative and resourceful and offer affordable alternatives to traditional interior design.

Restyle Makeover

If you are uninspired by your existing décor, our re-design service can transform what you already own into something you truly love. Small, creative changes can have a huge impact on the balance and flow of a room. By re-positioning your existing furnishings and adding a few new accessories, we can achieve a fresh look for any room in your home.

De-clutter And Organize

Whether a closet, a basement or your entire house, clutter can rob you of the tranquil spaces you deserve. We enjoy helping homeowners reclaim their space and regain their peace. While utilizing techniques that make organizing fun and stress-free, we can accomplish in hours what you have been putting off for years.

Interior Painting

Color is a fundamental element to good design. We will help you discover the color palette that best suits your taste and have a team of professional painters ready to complete the job. Paint is the most cost effective way to dramatically update your space and add value to your home. Custom and faux finishes available.

Shopping Services

The process of shopping for furniture and accessories can sometimes become overwhelming. Our knowledgeable design services pinpoint the colors, style and scale perfect for your space. Our goal is to help maximize your time and investment by assisting you with all your purchasing needs.

Staging Consultation

A Home staging consultation is the wisest investment you can make when preparing your home for sale. While you can read about staging and get good tips, every home is unique and requires different solutions. We evaluate your property, make recommendations that will improve your home’s potential and prioritize an action plan based on your specific needs.

Restyle Staging

Furnished homes become desired homes with our restyle and enhancement staging. We use as much of your existing furnishings as possible and enhance the look with the addition of key items. Strategic furniture placement and the right accessories will highlight your homes best features and create the clean, fresh look buyers want.

De-clutter and Organize

“Clutter Eats Equity” While you may not perceive your belongings as clutter, buyers certainly will. The more “stuff” you have in a space, the less space you have in the room. Buyers want to see what you are selling. We utilize techniques that make clearing your spaces stress-free and manageable.

Interior Painting

Paint is the most cost effective way to dramatically update your space. While many investors believe white walls are best, our experience shows that buyers welcome colors that are tastefully done. We choose a color palette to best suit your home for resale. Your freshly painted rooms will be a positive selling feature for potential buyers.

Virtual Staging & Design

If you are interested in designing or staging your property yourself and would like some professional advice, we offer virtual staging and design services for homeowners. From digital pictures of your home, we will guide you on money-making improvements, color selection and furniture and accessory placement. 



First impressions are lasting impressions. Whether a client, customer or patient, everyone who visits your place of business will instantly make judgments based on what they see. In an ever competitive business environment, good impressions are critical to lasting success. If a prospective client perceives your office or waiting room and as disorganized, dated or uncomfortable, what conclusions will they make about your services? Apostle Art will ensure that your business environment reflects the positive, professional image needed to excel in today’s marketplace.





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